Beaut Whitening System

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Guaranteed 1-2 shades lighter with just ONE use



andddddd if you’re teeth are sensitive like mine because I left strips on overnight when I was 17 haha 


they have a red light that combats that and literally I’ve used it 4 times. AND NO SENSITIVITY FINALLY!!!!


How does beaut. cause no sensitivity to my teeth or gums?

The active ingredient in our whitening gel is not a bleach, nor a hydrogen based peroxide which causes enamel and often gum sensitivity. It is a Carbamide based peroxide that is 100% enamel safe! Our gel combined with our LED system with the highest LED lights on the market, actively removes stains instantly! You’ll see a two shade lighter result IN JUST 15 MINUTES!!!


IVE BEEN waiting and waiting and waiting for these to come in!!!

We got to test them out at MARKET and OH MY GOD!!!! I wouldn’t have bought them if they didn’t work. Post your results and we will give you a credit because I’m that confident they’re going to be GREAT!

Guaranteed 1-2 shades lighter with just ONE use

SERIOUSLY I’m not BSing you nice tried EVERYTHING!!!! And just gave up.

They’re finally HERE
Retails for 239.99 and we’re gonna do a mommas day special for 115 🎤 drop!!! don’t believe me?? Google sinilar products or even this on their site and it’s 239 bucks or MORE!!! (For other brands)


Legit used it once and noticed a difference!!

To snag yours for the intro price if 115
C o m m e n t Mine

Comes with 3 tubes of whitening 👌
The Wireless blue/red light tray
And charger!! All ya need





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